By tondrijfhamer

It's all about swimming today.

No plans were made for today.
Yesterday evening Annemarie and I planned the remaining days of this holiday and we decided that today would be a quiet one. So, plenty of time for the boys for some serious swimming.
As soon as the pool opened they were the first ones in, claiming the best spot in the shadow for us with their towels.
Annemarie and I followed one hour later.

I sat in the shadow with a new book on my e-reader (The girl in the ice, by Robert Bryndza), and didn’t swim at all. Somehow I don’t feel the need to so much anymore. Annemarie did go into the water with Bas and Daan and I captured some photos of it. After that, I hurried back to my e-reader in the shadow.

It's funny to see on the photo the difference in character of Bas and Daan. Typical!
Steady-Bas and Show-off Daan. Haha.

That’s all we did today.
I cooked dinner and worked a bit on the photobook and spent quite a while on uploading my blips. The internet connection isn’t what it is supposed to be.

Tomorrow we’re going to Dijon, so another busy day lies ahead!

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