Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104


Typical - the weekend was a complete washout and today it turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon. So, with the promise of more rain for most of the rest of the week, I finished work early and headed over to Woolston Eyes. I've not been for a while and to be honest, the afternoons are not great for birding so I focussed on the butterflies. There were loads of them sunning themselves on the thistles, buddleia, brambles and ragwort. I wanted to blip one that I had not blipped already this year which left a gatekeeper, a peacock or something more unusual. 
There were plenty of peacocks so I decided that maybe I could blip one of those at the weekend, but not so many gatekeepers. 
On my way home, I met an elderly man who was looking for purple hairstreaks in the tops of the oak trees. He was disappointed not to have seen any, especially as he had seen some over the past week or so, and it was perfect weather apparently. I waited around a while in case he found one, but it was not to be today, so here you have what I believe is a male gatekeeper. 
Sorry about the lack of commenting again. I've been very bad recently. I will try and be better this week.  

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