Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

A Miracle!

A miracle of timing today. You will remember that a week ago I posted a monarch chrysalis that I was lucky enough to notice in the hayfield as we were walking up the hill to the dirt road that is our regular walking road. It looked pretty fresh, but who could say? So - we walk three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. I have carefully looked for the chrysalis each time we've walked since last Monday and it has looked essentially the same each time. Until this morning. This morning when I located it - it looked like the left hand side photo. Whoa! So I took a photo of it and we went on. On the way back down the hill I completely expected it to still look the same, and I was resigned to very likely missing the emergence of the butterfly because it would likely happen before we walked again on Wednesday. I was toying with the idea of coming back up later in the day to look at it, or tomorrow sometime, or... And then we got to where it was and WHOA!!! The butterfly had emerged and was hanging there gently swaying and occasionally opening and closing its wings part way. The Husband was suitably impressed, but chose not to stay and watch it. I stayed for about 20 minutes, but I finally couldn't sit there in the sun any longer, so I went on home. It'll be gone now, of course. But seriously - how miraculous was it that we saw what we saw??!!!! Amazing.

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