Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Seen better days...

In our area, this has been the summer of the Great Blue Skimmer.  They have been seen in numbers that no can remember in recent years; and in a year when many other dragon species seem to be in shorter supply.  Until this summer I've only ever seen two of them, and both times were in a very specific habitat along a slow-moving stream in forested areas.  In the last week, I have seen three in my garden! I was so taken aback at the first sighting that I sent the photos off to a friend for identification - that's how certain I was that it wasn't a Great Blue.  They are one of the largest of the skimmers, measuring over two inches.  And with those bright blue eyes and that clubbish tail, quite distinctive.  Anyway, I spotted this very tattered male in the garden today and just knew he had to be my blip.  

This morning, Monarch # 2 eclosed in one of my containers on the deck.  A perfect female who flew in honor of GirlWithACamera's sister Barb who passed away so recently.  I'll post a photo of her in Extra.  She listened intently while I told her about her mission ...and then she took to the skies, flying as if she'd been doing it forever.

Busy day as I had the gym this morning, followed by a shower and then lunch with two friends/former business associates.  Very enjoyable time, as always.

I'm already working on ideas for tomorrow's TinyTuesday challenge.  So many things to choose from this time of year.  


On depression...when I was talking to my besties this weekend, the subject of depression came up in the context of a young adult child who is exhibiting some of the warning signs.  I didn't have symptoms of depression until later in life; I can't imagine how difficult it must be in one's teens or twenties.  Fortunately, this young woman has people around her who are loving and watchful and will do what needs to be done to get her whatever help she needs.  

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