By isbi

Birthday Boy

Mr isbi this time. He’s caught up to me again :-)

Just as well he isn’t much into birthdays as today was spent helping me get the grandkids to school/pre-school on time, moving some cattle during the day, after school pickup and then taking Elizabeth to swimming lessons.

My day was made a bit easier when the cleaner came and it was lovely till they got home and soon made it look like usual again.

After school Elizabeth asked if she and Adelaide could walk back to the shops to buy their grandfather some chocolate for his birthday “with their own money”.
How could I refuse? It took a lot of effort to overcome my helicopter grandmother instincts but of course they managed very well, and picked a surprising good cake at the grocery shop for $6!

Apparently Bec is feeling a bit better today. It’s also their wedding anniversary so not much fun for her this year.

The kids are coping surprisingly well with her absence, even little Jane.
She is the easiest baby I’ve ever come across. You know exactly what she wants. When grizzly she either wants a sleep or food. When she has had enough to eat she throws the rest on the floor and pulls her bib off. All quite simple really.

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