W'otter surprise!

Dry so far today, sunshine on and off. In the morning at this time of year the sun shines on the NE end of the house, so I called the cats out, picked up a good book and sat and read, watching the butterflies zooming about, aiming for the big buddleja on the other side of the drive - painted ladies, peacocks and small tortoiseshells. Apparently a new influx of painted ladies has come in recently from the continent, lepidopterally speaking!

The peace didn't last long - a mower and strimmer started up not far away, then a contractor's van sat up the road with the radio full on, but by then it was getting too hot to sit out anyway so I came in for lunch! I wouldn't like anyone to think I was being a Grumpy Old Man! (You know who you are!)

I had this Hydrangea 'Zorro', one of the newer lacecaps, sitting outside the front door not far from the otter, so I thought it would be fun to put them together! If anyone's thinking of getting a new hydrangea do look at this one with its contrasting purple-black stems and bright blue flowers - tho' pink in alkaline soil.

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