By FotoAlex

Ford Model T

This is an actual Ford Model T at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Jill's parents, Jill and I went to the living history museum for something to do. I found it interesting. It was the first museum of its type in the country and features historic homes and other things from when the country was young.

Henry Ford opened it in 1933. Some historic homes and buildings include Thomas Edison's home, a recreation of his garage, the Wright brothers' home and bicycle shop, Noah Webster's home, a covered bridge from 1832 and an English cottage from 1619.

We rode in a different Model T. I thought it was fun and fascinating. The museum was a really neat place to visit.

In extras: Noah Webster's home, a 1633 windmill from Cape Cod and a 1942 General Electric locomotive. 

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