An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Midnight roses..,

Our life this week is a social whirl and my head is spinning as a result!

Our friends Alan and Gail were here today. David and Alan played golf and Gail and I drank tea and blethered for Scotland. Even though it’s only a week since I saw Gail (we lunched with Esme :-)) we still had plenty to say!

The guys returned from the golf, David in a very jubilant mood as he’d won the round. A sure sign that his golf is improving as it’s not that long ago that beating Alan would have been a pipe dream.

We went to Delivino, our favourite Italian Deli for dinner. Food and service excellent as ever.

Home and an early night to be fresh for John and Norma coming tomorrow except it’s gone 12.30am and I am wide awake. Yawning, but wide awake. Oh joy.

On a cheerier note, my laptop is fixed and should be winging its way back to me in the next couple of days. Can’t wait!!

On my way to bed I realised I hadn’t taken any photos today so in desperation took literally, a shot in the dark of the roses in the kitchen with my flash on the camera. Quite happy with the result.

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