By strawhouse

Star Gazing

Miss E got back from PGL this afternoon. Filthy dirty and tired, but happy!! She was full of all their adventures which was great to hear.
Just like last year no sooner had Miss E got back than we jumped in the camper and headed up to Shropshire for a weekend camping at the Severn Valley Railway 1940s weekend.
We camp in a field at a farm above the station at Hampton Loade. It's such a fabulous spot - amazing views, a lovely breeze, steam trains chugging by, owls (or fence posts!!!), a big hill to run down. It's ace!!
We got here at about 8pm and my mum and dad, Mr B and Mrs L were already here. Eating fish and chips and kebabs!!
I wish we'd stopped for something more exciting but we had our usual camping fare of nachos and cheese (Mr K's speciality) And rice pudding! Yummy!!
As usual the minute I saw a twinkling star I was convinced in was Mars. Mr K was sceptical (what does he know?!!!!) and whipped out his phone to check the stars on his App. He has an App for everything!!!
It wasn't Mars, it was some obscure, unpronounceable star.
Stupid App!!!!!!

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