hello again

By admirer


Pleasant weather today, nice temprature too. In the night it had rained, but I don't know for how long.
I continued with the clearing of the ferns and the brambles. Only for a short time, it is difficult on a slope.
In the afternoon we drove to Beverungen and did our food shopping in the Aldi and the Edeka. Then we parked on the shore of the river Weser and watched the feeding of the ducks there.
On our way to Beverungen I had seen a pretty field of sunflowers, and I show a sight of it in the extras.
Somehow it was a tiring day, so I will catch up as I can, and will finish tomorrow.

I will give my silly hearts to KangaZu, Miranda1008, PicturePoems, RHelena, and chrisf.

The way the little boy threw the food to the ducks made me smile.
I will tag it for the Happy Hump Day challenge. Huge thanks to laurie54.

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