By Majoayee

iPad and Fitbit!

Science is wonderful! Three gadgets which I enjoy.

The iPad links me with the world. Blip, google, museums and libraries all over the world. Camera cams also link to all sorts of places. Birds nesting, services in churches.....
On line learning. The family via FaceTime and Skype. Books, dictionaries, newspapers......

Here you see Google maps with a satellite view of Mablethorpe! The Beck where we ate on Monday, that wonderful beach, which I didn’t have time to visit!

My Fitbit makes sure I move ! Prompting me to get up and walk every hour!

And of course my camera. My beloved powershot that keeps playing up and then works fine as the mood takes it!

Here a fisheye shot for Wide Wednesday - Science what has it done for you! Many thanks to Steveng for hosting.

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