By amandoAlentejo

Best Bit of Camping...

... is coming back to home comforts! 

Think we can deem it a success, actually; today we all sort of wished we had another day or so. We were sleeping better and better, and getting used to the toilet trips. We talked about a next time... maybe, but we'd get better organised. The Padre says he's bring a proper mattress, a fridge, a microwave and a telly. The last three wouldn't be on my list of priorities.

The best part for us was being part of being Portuguese on holiday in Spain, very enlightening; we enjoyed being treated as though we were Portuguese. One big difference from how we'd do it, is that every day, we had to leave the beach for a few hours to go looking for a good restaurant to have a proper three-course meal in, and their horror when the place today didn't put a tablecloth on the table. The Portuguese take their eating very seriously.

- building on a special friendship, good conversations and so many laughs
- the cheerful way the Camping site staff responded at us getting stuck in the sand with a flat battery, twice!
- getting safely home, thanks to Cecílio and Mike's driving

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