By iamwillproject

Empty space.

I’m walking. I’m walking in a field on a brick road. A leaf falls on my shoulder. I wish for more to come, but it’s only the one. My bob-cut hair swiftly blows in front of my eyes. I watch the cherry blossom trees and the petals from the trees drift into black... and then, drift out of black. The wind is strong and the air is filled with a sweet smell. The site in front of me consumes my eyes. There is snow falling with pink petals and glimpses of red flowers.

I skip, feeling as though I might fly. I stop and look down at my bare feet to find a caterpillar crawling in between my toes. I keep going. For a moment I wish I was a cat plunging into the drifts to emerge with white colored paws and whiskers... but that thought disappears. I am now walking for a long time, which means nothing to me. I am so cast away from everything to care about time. It’s at that moment in time I stop. I stop and realize... I’m dead.

*Photography, poetry & original brush-tip pen ART by F.A.M (13yo daughter)

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