By Rosemarie55

Young Raven!

20°  -  11 mph Wind.  Good news this morning  -  the Postie brought me a cheque from the Tax Office!  Why a cheque I don' know  -  they usually pay any repayments straight into my bank account.  But hey!  no worries  -  very welcome whatever the method☺  While I was lunching this youngster sat on my Shed roof for a good 15 minutes obviously waiting for its parent to come along with the goodies  -  see my earlier blip  -  but to no avail!  It flew away eventually  -  about time it learnt to fend for itself anyway☺  My extra is a PowerPoint collage of a Chaffinch and a Bluetit, both of which waited for the Sparrows to leave before entering the feed space themselves!

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