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Hubby and I took Mum to Acorn Bank House and Gardens today.  Hubby's back is getting better, slowly and he insisted on driving.  We zipped up the M6, came off at Penrith and scooted down the A66. 


Acorn Bank has a long history that dates back to the 13th century. The first owners were the Knights Templar in 1228, from whom the nearby village of Temple Sowerby got its name.

After the suppression of the Templars, the manor passed to the Knights of the Hospital of St John, who held it from 1323 until the Dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII.
Keeping it in the family  
In 1543 Acorn Bank was acquired by Thomas Dalston, a local landowner from Dalston, just outside Carlisle, and remained in the hands of his descendants right up until the 1930s.

There is much more but that is just a sample.  

Acorn Bank is in the hands of the National Trust, we are no longer members as we don't currently visit enough to make it worthwhile, but do like to make an occasional visit to one.

We had a very pleasant day.  We started off with a coffee in the little cafe there.  Due to Mum's sight we had to help her some of the way, usually in darkened areas.  We managed the walk to the Water Mill and back through the path by the river then back up to the house.  The walk did Rob's back some good and although still sore is improving.

We then had a seat outside the house when I spotted this beautiful pot with a painted lady butterfly perched on it.  There were two pots but only one with the painted lady.  So blip sorted.

After a little rest we then went into the shop, but just browsed.  Spoke to a very nice gentleman about the 17th century stained glass and names scratched into the glass.  The house is under refurbishment at the moment so only downstairs is open.   To be quite honest I don't like houses to be empty or just libraries of beautiful furniture I prefer them to be lived in and breathe life.  Just a personal preference.

We then strolled around the greenhouse, fruits trees and ponds before stopping for a sandwich lunch in the cafe.  As National Trust cafes goes this isn't one of the best but it does offer a selection of homemade cakes, some pre-made sandwiches, soup or jacket potatoes.  In quite pleasant surroundings so totally acceptable.

We came home via Appleby-in-Westmoreland, Oreton and Tebay as that is a lovely route.  

After a rest Mum wanted to do something so has been scooting round the bungalow tidying up things that don't need tidying.  She then insisted on helping with the washing up, even though I wasn't quite ready to do it yet!!!!!!!  It's 7.45 and at last she's sitting down to do her crosswords and pretend not to watch the TV!!!  She has to be on the go from the time she gets up (about 7.30am) until about 8.00pm - phew!!!!

Hubby now gone to the pub walking a little gingerly but not too bad.  I have to go and pick him and his mates up shortly.

Now to sort out a photo for the EDPS camera club , theme "viewpoint", then look at your blips.

End of my day.  After all this I hope I get some sleep tonight as I only had about 3 hours last night

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