A day in the life

By Shelling


A friend and collegue of mine is one of several course leaders at a singing course this week. He invited me to this evenings event, singing and learning old folksongs together. In Swedish this kind of songs are called "Visor", you could call them ballads if you like. They were very common in the old village rural society where evenings could be spent singing songs together as entertainment or pastime. Of course the style of singing still exists and develops today.

It's very nice to take part in it, the tunes are easy to learn and you can easily join in. there was a leader tonight but it was open for anyone to suggest a song to sing and if no one heard it before you had to teach it to us. 

Something happens in the atmosphere when you sing together, it's the same kind of feeling as when you  listen to stories and tales by the fireside, an ancient activity that has surely formed and defined us as human beings.

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