Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Western Ferries moment

There were some fantastic clouds building up when we crossed the Firth on our way to a rehearsal in Largs this afternoon. Although rain was forecast for Dunoon, I don't think we had any at all; we drove through a shower on our way down the road and on our return that stretch of the drive was puddly and wet, but we saw no rain all day. It was also very warm, and as our car's air-con is burst (a stone punctured the gas unit as we drove, with extreme caution, through the resurfacing works last week. We'd just had it serviced at a cost of £70. Not happy) it was far too warm to stay in the car on the sunny deck. I love the splash of red of the ferry's hull in the bottom right corner ...

A hardworking afternoon of preparation for our concert on Sunday. I don't know if Blip will allow me to upload for today a photo of the quartet that was taken in 1994 - I only acquired it today, so I'll try to use it as an extra. We've all aged a good bit since then!

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