Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Beachlife in Scotland

Forget my previous Blip from this glorious beach. Forget the 32c heat of my last visit, the scorching sand and the brilliant light. This is our favourite beach as I’ve never seen it before - for when we don’t have family to entertain we tend not to make the hour-long drive on single-track roads unless I have the chance of a swim at the end of it.

But actually it was fun. We had our picnic in the lee of the dunes; we had our frisbee game before the rain arrived. We saw PS Waverley thud across the horizon; we spotted tens of assorted jellyfish stranded on the shore. A group of horses appeared and took their riders surprisingly far into the sea. And the cafe that recently appeared at the road end supplied ice cream and coffee before we headed home and the rain set in. Just as promised.


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