Milky way

A slow start to the day, with breakfast delivered to our cottage and then we didn't do much until suddenly it was time for lunch. After that, I did some groceries and went for a walk. For about 20 minutes, I was walking in the rain but it wasn't cold so I was OK with that. After dinner, I went out for a bit of photography on the resort. I took some nice images during the blue hour, but my main goal for the night was to try to capture the milky way. Quite difficult with a lot of light pollution from the resort, but once the sky darkened there it was: the milky way visible on the camera screen. It was after midnight when I returned to our cottage. With everyone asleep, I enjoyed a cup of tea and I processed some of the images. I think the one you're looking at turned out best. I did make the milky way "pop" a bit more in processing, based on a video I found on YouTube. Works for me!

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