Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

mermaid’s washing line

Loved this low tide this morning...and this view under the wharf.   ( and freespiral’s title)
sort of a quiet day.   got a flickr page together, but walked , not rowed due to wind, and just as I was trying to solve my creative cloud issue, around 5:00, 2 boats from Seattle rolled in  (we knew they were coming but not this early) and the next thing I knew it was 8:00 after a chat and a trip to the faerie circle (extra) and a pix of their family, and  then H needed dinner..

Loved having those teenagers here actually in the flickr set. ( see it for Oskar's Swedish/American shoes..maybe he'll add these to his online clothing site....?) .....lots of fine conversation..Zoey is about to go to college in Environmental Studies, and intends to speak loud and clear about the climate change situation, including why the immigrants are coming to the US ...   she also says she doesn't want any children as she expects to be dead of a catastrophic decease (from climate change) when she is 30!    gotta love them.

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