Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Family Camp

Had to blip this family pix as it’s a rather rare event for them to be here together with the cousins.   (the last time was  Anne, not yet having found a new job has more "vacation" time!.  Hopefully those cousins will be back with their parents and boat sometime.   They had a great time but teenagers are different and seem to miss a good part of the mornings (in bed) . And I didn’t get to photograph a lot as they were on their own, as opposed to last time when they needed watching all the time.  (Isn’t this a fun part of blip, to look back?)   I’ll get around to yesterday’s blip maybe tomorrow.…my lightroom ext drive wouldn’t work (it does now!) and photoshop seems to be frozen with the new update and I just couldn’t deal with it late last night.   
I will, however  report another exciting happening this week on the Island…monday night we were all laying on the dock at 10:30 looking for meteor showers when an ambulance boat (we thot it might be the RCMP) comes around the corner with flashing blue light a and searchlights and lots of noise…to board a boat that lives in our bay.  We thought no one was there as his tin boat he uses as dinghy was gone… A mystery.    Well we went to Galiano when we took the kids to marina for ferry today to grocery shop -(they ate a lot!…) and ran into the fellow was a medical “emergency” but he’s back and we were glad to see him alive and solve the mystery.   He called the ambulance which comes from Sidney which took 50 minutes.   
Some saw 1 meteor but it was a bit cloudy.

Enuf for today.   Exhausted.

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