A golden sliver of light

Crossing Grafton Bridge a morning or two ago I saw the golden orb of the sun through the leafless branches of trees in the old Grafton Cemetery. I was well past by the time I thought it would make a good photo, and I knew that I had taken a pleasing photo earlier in the ride to work. 

This morning I had hopes of a similar sight, and indeed the golden orb of the newly risen sun was visible in that narrow gap. I was aware that the weather was closing in rapidly and it was likely to deny me much chance later in the day. Closing in so rapidly that by the time I had stopped got out my phone camera (to save time), the clouds had created a golden glow rather than a clearly defined ball. I took the photo, got back on my bike and crossed the bridge, by which time the clouds had obscured the sun completely. 

The day was a now typical Friday of assessments, meetings and decisions. Enough to tire me by 1600, at which time I left the younger consultants to manage anything which might arise, and rode home in the rain and wind. Looking forward to a weekend without the phone ringing.

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