By schorschi

One Man went to mow

Much of a nothing day. Good weather. Some beekeeping tasks, am a little bit concerned about the new colony I formed, so am feeding them sugar solution. At the same time, worried that the strong colony may be robbing or indeed colonies from a very large neighbouring beekeeper so have also started feeding the strong colony. It's a difficult time of year as there are hardly any flowering nectar/pollen-producing plants around.

For some reason Angie wanted to do the evening walk with Luna, so I got out the tractor at about 19:00 & trimmed off two of the horse fields of their weeds. Why do weeds always thrive?

The Panorama photo was taken when I was finished shortly after 20:00 was not good, having to shoot into the setting sun on the right. So have had to darken it a bit. 

Talking of Sun, July was a good PV month and probably would have been best July (of 3 years) had we not lost two half days when the electricity company had to cut us off. Tomorrow German politicians discussing CO² tax - I hope we get credit for the 15 tonnes we have saved in the last three years with the 21MWh of electricity generated. I'm not holding my breath.

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