By schorschi


Another boring day with the threat of thunderstorms which didn't materialise but were heard in the distance. I didn't think Luna would agree to go out for the evening walk as there was still some distance thunder rolls.

We risked a quick walk in Ottobeuren, although it was in that direction that the storms had been. Luck was with us and although cool compared to last week, she was able to enjoy a short swim and lots of paddling as we followed the curving river which has now with its low water level, revealed loads of beaches. I normally avoid this route of the possible tours here as in summer these spots are usually full of people sunbathing. Luna has a nasty habit of getting out of the water and shaking herself dry right next to people.

The great news though was that I popped into the supermarket 5 minutes before it closed at 20:00 and found they had kitchen sink pull out mixer heads on offer and exactly the two types we have in the kitchen and utility room. Both have been broken for some time and somehow I was reluctant to pay the megaEuros in a proper shop & hadn't bothered to go online. So for €7.99 each have now solved two long nerving jobs. Only 998 left. 

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