Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Rail hyperfocal (ish)

Today, while sitting at a railway station (waiting for a train ... sounds like a blues song... ah yes, He drix' "Hear My Train A'Comin'") ...


I had a play with the baby-Takumar trying to get it set accurately hyperfocal. That involves squeezing the focus ring and turning, releasing, and turning again (at least twice to be sure) so that it's definitely all the way to infinity (if you start from MFD it ends up reeeeealllllly not working); then slide the focus ring around till it stops all the way clockwise (where it should be, in fact); then it's a squeeze and slowly move the focus ring to what should be the hyperfocal distance.

Then test.

Here are a few at f/5.6

One way

Th'other way

Here, the nearest bobbly-bits on the platform were about 2m away.


Takumar Bayonet 28/2.8
Pentax K-30

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