Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Hyperfocal Sullivan

Today ...

Ran for the farthest distance I've done for a while (only 4 km, don't get excited...), and some of it even felt really good.

Dropped dollars on a MacBook Air for the business. We're looking to use a web-based service called HealthKit to manage my calendar, patient bookings, invoicing, possibly even payments and Medicare claims - and it's pretty sketchy and annoying on an iPad.

Aborted karate training after half an hour, due to nasty pain in hamstring. Still functioning and strong (at least, just as strong - or weak - as it was before xP ), so I'm happy I haven't ripped it, but I wasn't about to strain it further. Not happy, Jan.

Had more of a play with setting the baby Tak hyperfocal. I got a bit closer.

My favourite is with Sullivan:

Focusr; Flickr.

But looking past the maple stump, across the backyard towards the bush, illustrates focus well:

One way.

Other way.

Takumar Bayonet 28mm f2.8 @ f/5.6
Pentax K-30

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