Barcelona Magic Fountain

It was really difficult to choose a picture out of the hundreds I took on the evening. The sunset was a superb backdrop to the display, which went on into the dark night but never quite eclipsed the reds and blues of the earlier hours.

When we were last in Barcelona, twenty years or so ago, the fountain was not working. Or perhaps we chose the wrong night to visit. Anyhow, this time we got an excellent perch on the front steps of the Parc de Montjuic, overlooking the fountain.

If you look at the people below, it will offer some idea of the scale of the fountain, and the heights that the water achieved. Before the display began there were street performers; clowns and break dancers, who entertained the growing crowds, only some of whom you can see here.

There will be many more shots, in all different colours, in my Flickr album, and you can see all my back blips (of which this is number 3) by clicking on the #incredibacks19 tag.

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