Reflections at Saughton

The park, that is - not the prison! A good day, lots of sunshine. We went over to Edinburgh this morning to stay with our daughter and attend the concert at Tynecastle - "The LA Phil Plays Music from the Golden Age of Hollywood".

Before that Mrs M and I went to Saughton Park, which has been completely renovated and now has wonderful perennials borders and rose gardens right at their prime at the moment. A brand new glasshouse is full of lovely plants - and I asked these colourful ladies to pose by the pond for me.

The concert was wonderful - and I have to admit that it's the very first time, as far as I can remember, that I've ventured inside a football stadium in my entire life!

I'll put a picture on as an extra just as soon as I can find a lead to download the picture from my phone! I also have to admit that it will be the first Blip, or extra, ever taken on my phone!

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