Everyday Life

By Julez


This is the Birdcage pub. It is on the opposite corner to the chippy where I work. Tonight some of my friends who share the pen-pal-type hobby that I do are visiting Lincoln, and are in the pub!

I however, am not! Other than the 30 seconds or so I was outside taking this photo, I was in the shop, working away. That is where I will be tomorrow too! I'm the only one who is available - I understand why Lee can't be there - his Mum is in Manchester and she is very ill. Amir's reason is not particularly valid, but as he's not a proper member of staff, and is just "helping out" and improving his English, he gets a free pass!

I will go and meet them tomorrow for breakfast, and spend a bit of time with them during the day, and that is better than I'd thought it would be, so that's something! 

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