Silly Saturday

I used a different route from usual for my morning walk today. It's years since I used this particular bridge over the Metro railway line, so although it's only about half a mile from home it was rather an exploratory walk for me. Knowing that I had a fairly busy day ahead (I spent a lot of the day working in the garden) I took this phone camera shot for today's blip; I liked the geometrical symmetry.

I'm prepared to admit that the graffiti is quite colourful, but it's not really very artistic so I reckoned that it could fit the Silly Saturday challenge (hosted by admirer). There's also a fair bit of litter lying around as you can see - I don't know why silly people can't be bothered to use the many litter bins which are provided in our locality (what a grumpy old man I can be!). Recently when I'm out walking I often pick up cans and plastic bottles I find lying around and put them in recycling bins - my Editor thinks I'm rather silly to do so but it takes so little time (and fear not, I always wash my hands well when I get home).

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