Physical Cliff

Samantha was having one of those vertigo-by-proxy episodes as we stood up here on the Abbey Craig taking photos of Stirling below. Lucky she wasn't seeing what we were or those sweary words would've been even louder.

Not the best of days for views, but it was a good bit of exercise hiking up to the Wallace Monument (sorry, the National Wallace Monument) and then hiking up and down and through the woods around the big lump of rock it sits on. Muddy, but then again, everywhere we've been recently is muddy.

It was much busier than we'd expected too, with more tourists up there than when I'd last been up in last summer. I'm not really sure what the appeal of dreich is but it seemed to be pulling in the punters nonetheless.

I've not used the sweep panorama setting on this camera much, the one where all the joining up of images is done in camera, but it's great for the likes of this and takes minimal post-process tweaking to make it look even better.

It's the kid's turn to feed us tonight, a traditional (they did it once last year, so it's now a tradition in my book) cauldron of Chilli to be flung together, so sitting with our feet up with the post New Year dregs seems to be the plan for the evening. Could be an interesting mix.

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