Battle of Bannockburn

Re-enactment in the relentless rain. Scot v English, no three day war, over in less than thirty seconds. Call this one a draw.

We did at least try and go for a walk today. The forecast was for dry weather, but as we arrived at the work-in-progress Bannockburn visitor 'experience' the rain was pelting down. Still, we soldiered on towards the restored Rotunda then on to the Bruce Monument where we tried to shelter from the near horizontal shower coming in from over the Campsie Hills. Not really the best of weather for exposing the camera to, so only a few quick shots taken.

It's a big year for them up here this year, with the visitor centre being completely rebuilt (not that impressed by it from the outside; bit bland and boxy for a claimed 'world class attraction', so hoping the goings-on inside will make up for it) and the monuments all being conserved to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the battle. The fact that the local council had bid for, and won, the right to hold the potentially huge national Armed Forces Day event the same weekend that the battle will be commemorated with its own three day extravaganza is causing a bit of a brouhaha. Battle of Bannockburn all over again even. With tens of thousands of people expected at both Stirling will be full beyond bursting point.

As it was, our experience was crowd free, cold, wet and grey today, so we made a tactical retreat, jumped back in the car like droont rats and headed home for some tomato soup and a big mug of steaming hot tea.

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