Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Somewhere in Scotland!

So we packed up and headed North today....very North!
What an exhausting time of late....Dad in and out of hospital again....and currently 'in', work super stressful, Mealz home for a friend of her's funeral (gosh she is a tonic when she's home as you know) and Jess and Huddy popping in and out for family time and Gma Lupes babysitting Huddy cuddle time.  (Gosh he's adorable!)
But North we headed today..... and we've stopped at a B & B somewhere in Scotland, en route to the Isle of Skye.  Arrochar, I think is where we are!!! I confess to having slept most of the journey (I wasn't driving lol) and am just now thinking about mega chilling.  A pub meal in The Village Inn...and a game of chess there....darn it I was close to whooping Mr Lupe's king's a**e but nope.....I'm far too cavalier with my pieces.
In other news, whilst packing up last night, I put all Chino's 'stuff in a big bag in the kitchen, (including a box and a half of gravy bones) and during the night, he seems to have found them!!! :O   He's a lardy poorly boy today  and has been drinking water by the gallon.... he's had no tea (serves himself  right) but is being admired muchly in his homeland.
(Forgive me for my blipping missing ness....hoping this week gives me some blip time! ))) xxxx

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