On the Podium!

What a day!  Glorious sunshine for the final day of the Scottish Six Days and I went off early for my punching start.  It was Middle Distance at Grandtully today and, although I set off slow and a little nervous, I soon found my pace and despite going for a wrong boulder, I was spot on with most of my controls.  It was also downhill for the final section of the run-in to the finish and my knees were doing okay so I took a chance and ran as fast as I could.  First place!!

That result meant I was second overall for the week, but I didn't know at the time because I was busy photographing the prize giving.  When it came to my class I had to put down the camera and get on that podium!  Can you spot me surrounded by very tall Scandinavians??

It's been a long drive home and the putting away will have to wait till the morning...

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