Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The road not taken ...

As well as being the title of a well-known poem, this could be an apt theme for my day today. This morning we both totally forgot a coffee morning we should've been attending and instead went for the weekly shop that our car trauma of yesterday had prevented happening - the car trauma having apparently driven all rational thought from our collective head.

This afternoon, we chose the road that ended up being, quite randomly, the best one in the circumstances and drove the rattling little Skoda down to Loch Striven, beside which I took this photo. The loch was as still as I've ever seen it, lying silver under the grey sky which had crept up on me while I slept in our sunny garden after lunch. We knew there was a good chance (30%) of rain, we knew that when we looked out the sky to the north still looked blue - but I also know that there was an increased chance of meeting the dreaded flying ants if we went up a glen, so drove past what I later heard was torrential rain over Ayrshire and on down to the south of the peninsula. We had one short, sharp shower of random drops, but we'd taken our umbrellas which were perfect in the still humidity.

We saw a seal slipping off a rock to go for a swim; the roadside plants were magnificent. Best of all we seem to have missed torrential rain in Dunoon and came home to puddles and wetness everywhere.  But now I'm falling asleep over my desktop and it's time to go. Night night!

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