Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Last morning and a first

I've had family staying with me this week - they left for home this afternoon. This photo was taken on the way back from the supermarket, and shows my two grandsons carrying the messages home. Not that they would call it that, my London-based grandsons: it's the shopping to them. I cajoled them to come out with me to let their dad pack up, and realised it was actually the first time I'd done this with them. We actually had great fun in the shop: they commandeered the trolley and managed to avoid knocking anyone over as we marched about finding things for lunch - I keep forgetting how much food a family eats!

I love this photo; quite apart from the sight of my lovely grandsons marching ahead of me, it's the sense that apart from us Dunoon is utterly deserted - not a car, not a pedestrian, not anyone lurking with a fag in the doorway of the pub. It was in fact quite quiet - one of these days when everyone seems to be in the supermarket.

And now they're away and it really is quiet. 

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