Pictorial blethers

By blethers

I want a shot ...

I was watching this squirrel curling itself round the bird feeder at the hide in Benmore Gardens this afternoon (well - it was teatime, really) when the young woodpecker I'd been hoping to see arrived. I think he looks quite affronted that the squirrel has invaded his space - he gave up and flew off the the tall tree where I've seen his parents before (at least, I'm thinking they were).

Usually I can't persuade Mr PB to spend any time in the hide; this afternoon it should have been locked for the night by the time we arrived, but the gardener who had been showing a group around trusted me to lock up when we'd finished so we were able to watch several red squirrels chasing each other about and feeding at the various stations - all the while surrounded by blue tits scavenging their left-overs.  All rather magical.

My extra is of another squirrel on the fence ...

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