Pictorial blethers

By blethers


This is upper Glen Massan, looking towards the gorge through which the Massan Burn tumbles on its way to the sea. There's a farm building behind me - I've taken many photos of it and its surroundings - and there are sheep and some cattle in the fields. It looks peaceful, and there is little sound; the burn is so low that it makes no noise as it slips around.

My extra photo could also be said to represent a pastoral theme: the bishop's biretta lying on his neatly folded alb on the table in the tower room before the meeting of the Vestry that he chaired after this morning's Eucharist. It marked the change in our church's life more than anything else so far; even though I've known our bishop for longer than I have our newly-departed priest it felt strange to be back in limbo with only the relatively distant oversight of our bishop to keep us organised.

Change is exhausting - even more so than hiking up a glen before dinner!

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