By iamwillproject

The “here & now”.

Just as naive people spend time contemplating past & future moments while standing in the present atop a heaping pile of life’s opportunities; it’s equally naive to expect to be constantly hyper-aware & find an eternity in each & every moment during the course of one’s day. I realize getting it right isn’t an exact science - because life is balance. But for the most part, as often as I’m able, I diligently live in the moment... & that’s precisely where I strive to be. Occasionally I find myself out-of-touch with the present, only to be reminded by those closest to me that indeed there’s no other life but this one. The “here & now” as they say.

The present is fleeting. Thinking intensely about an unknown future or a troubling past more often than not causes a present moment to slip from our grasp. Growing older, I’m less inclined to “waste” my time. Worrying about the past... feeling anxious or obnoxious about the future... wasteful. I believe in deeds, not words. And so please believe me as I’m writing these words... the only thing you are able to take control over is the moment that you have with you right now.

Like many of you perhaps, I’ve good cause to agonize. My days are long... my trials & tribulations profound. I’ve earned the right to metaphorically cry in my beer. Instead, I put on my walking shoes & dawn a genuine smile - for there’s a young girl interested in 25 cents worth of candy from the corner store, and taking pictures of the moon. I love my kid & she loves me. “In the moment” indeed is what it’s ALL about. Live it up! Stay grateful everyone. Peace.

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