Northern Star

By Lifferz

Jungle clearance

The extreme weather and being away has meant the garden has got badly out of control. It’s taken me 2 hours to mow the main lawn as the petrol mower kept cutting out due to me trying to mow too much long grass in one go. The main lawn usually takes 45 mins to mow! The positive is it was much needed exercise but I think I’ll turn the bath water green.

I’ve offered to strim the smaller lawn which has gone crazy in terms of overgrowth (I started it but the mower wasn’t having any of it as the grass is clumpier as it’s a bit damp). Looks like MrH may do it now, thankfully but as it’s threatening rain he’ll have to get his skates on.

This morning I used a saw to remove two trees which took quite a while but felt very productive- both growing far too close to the house. The daylight is now coming in through the bedroom window once again!

I’m resigned to asking a gardener to help out as the garden is just too overgrown right now and I think it must be unpleasant for the immediate neighbours to look at- I have cleared lots of bindweed today but I know it will keep coming back! Some bamboo has made its way from my garden into the elderly neighbour’s so I’m going to need advice on how to sort that as clipping it back when needed isn’t a long term solution.

I’ve got admin to do tonight so I’m set up for the week ahead. Left a very positive review for the B &B I stayed in recently in Dinan and I’ve got some bills to pay (booo)

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