What a Day

When do you defrost a frost-free freezer??????
Today started a couple of days ago.
I was in my office and was disturbed  by an annoying beeping that I could not locate.  It turned to be our upright freezer telling me that the temperature was high.  About -11C.  I found that I had not shut the door properly, cursed myself, and set a target to reduce the frozen food so that I could “defrost” the ice that had formed on the shelves.
A couple of days (mornings) later I was woken up by Mrs W complaining that the upright freezer was beeping and she couldn’t  stop it . . .
“ ****** not again!”  (Oh dear . . . ) I said, realising that I had not shut the door properly again!  This time the temperature had got up to -7C, and immediate action was called for.  Fortunately I managed to squeeze all the frozen into both our other freezers.  All in my dressing gown at six o’clock in the morning.
After the grand thaw I noticed that the refrigerator section (top bit) had been lacking a lot of TLC, and I wound up giving that a birthday as well.
At least I found that the problem was not all (?) my fault.  A bit of trim hiding the bottom left hand hinge mount (not used as it opens the right) had come loose and was holding the door open by a millimetre or two unless you pushed the door that final bit.  All sorted now (I HOPE!)
Lagging behind with comments again – hopefully will catch up shortly . . .

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