Maximum / Maximal

Not the easiest theme to imagine until you look at those who have gone before to seek inspiration – me that is not them.  From that I have included the shot at extra.
My mind could not get past looking up a tall tower to the maximum height, hence my entry of St Andrews Church at Billingborough.  I wish I had thought of the max and min thermometer, or the maximum amount of bubbles, but others got there first anyway.
After spotting the speedometer I just had to cheat and convert a shot I did for last months photographic group meeting when the subject was ‘Speed’.  In fairness to me when I took the shot with my telephone I was in a hurry to get home before the fuel ran out! (You may notice that the Mokka is very economical on fuel consumption, even at high speed . . . )  AND if you believe that . . .
Many thanks to 60plus for hosting this months MonoMonday

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