End of an era.

Today we left Clive's field for the last time ever.

Over the years we've all painted tiles for the Clivestock wall of art (see extra) which has grown and grown. As the site will no longer be used for the festival the stage and everything surrounding it must come down. We all wanted a piece to take home, so we took down our art to save it from being trashed.

The night before I won a bid to take home one of the Totem Poles home, which are pretty amazing. All the money goes to charity and I get a little keep sake for the garden. I will blip this in it's new home at some point.

It was one of the smaller ones and a steal at £25 as the big set went for well over £300.

A very sad day for the history of Clivestock, but we look back on fond memories which I have preserved here on Blipfoto.

Mr Bo Hingles

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