Fichi (Italian for figs)

Mention the word figs to an Italian and his eyes will open to the ‘m a x i m a l’ height. So when M called to ask if we wanted to come round for some, Mr B jumped to it.

They had a great crop. The rain earlier in the season, and recent warm weather, provided ideal conditions. Messrs H &B plucked the ripe figs from their little trees. You can see them in my blip. And now we’re home Mr B is salivating over the haul.

I’ve never been keen on Figs, a bit too sweet for me (I’m sweet enough already). And anyway they aren’t strictly vegan. If you want to know why google it :(

Otherwise a beautiful sunny day. Holidaymakers will be happy.

‘maximal/maximum’ Mono Monday Challenge courtesy of 60 plus. Thanks!

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