Bicycles - Boscanova - Boscombe - Bournemouth

More paperwork this morning. At least I sorted the car insurance late last night. Changed my up-to-now competitive insurer to a £60 cheaper one.

After lunch to M’s to collect bread. An hour’s free street parking outside, so had time to walk to Boscanova for flat whites (the best we’ve had for a long time). The bill only came to £3.30 thanks to the government’s 50% off contribution. Boscanova is planning to run it through August and not just Monday to Wednesday, so we’ll be back.

Boscombe did seem much quieter than usual, maybe everyone was on the beach.

We were planning to have a drink on the lawn with E, but the there’s been a gale out there all day. Pity, was looking forward to it, especially as there’s extreme hot weather on the horizon which means I’ll stay indoors.

Think there’s enough metal on this image, to qualify for Rock Area’s ‘Heavy Metal Challenge’.

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