The Grocery Store...

...shelves are stocked to their maximum! Always such an abundance of produce to choose from at this time of year. I took my trusted sidekick along with me, having made sure she used the facilities before we left the house, & in typical fashion, no sooner had we reached the area farthest away from the restrooms then she loudly announced she had to go potty! “Can you wait a few minutes while I grab what I need”, I ask? Mae: “NOOOOO! Grandma, I need to go NOW” ! So I had to put the cart into hyper drive & head back to the front of the store! Leaving the cart near the check-out lanes we made a mad dash to the restrooms! Any of you who’ve taken a three year old to the restroom will understand how difficult it is to get them back out of this “magical play land”! She was besotted with the faucet that came on by itself when you put your hands under it, so she had to wash them over & over & over! Then she asked why WE didn’t have a cool spout like this at home.....”because we have a different one”....but WHY Grandma, WHY???? And they had a blow drier set at a childs’ level—the look of wonder on her face when she stuck her hands under it & the warm air shot out was priceless! We finally escaped from the enchanted room, finished shopping, & headed to the exit. Spotting the restroom, she loudly announced “I need to go potty”!
............nice try, Mae, but not on your life!! :)))
Thanks to 60plus for hosting MonoMonday this month!

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