By dfb24


...on ragweed.  I had a dental appointment this morning--just a check-up and cleaning--& I'm always glad to get that over with. When I left the office I went to a couple of charity shops to look for canning jars. My sister had asked me if I'd do that, as my niece is using them for rustic centerpieces at her reception and needs quite a few of them. I found about 20 jars, and at .25 apiece, it's much cheaper than buying them in the store. Then I swung by the park to go blip-hunting at my favorite spot up on the bluffs, where I found lots of monarchs, dragonflies and bees, but I only saw this one hoverfly. Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting TinyTuesday this month, & to Miranda for her wildflower challenge! :))

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