By dfb24

Lake Michigan...

...calm, serene and so clear you can actually see the submerged part of the dock from up on the bluffs today. It's not often that you can look out at the horizon and not see any big waves heading to shore. In lieu of my having done anything the least bit entertaining today, I thought you all might enjoy a few fun facts about the Lake.
While it looks quiet today, there are some 1500 shipwrecks hidden beneath the water. 
Lake Michigan is the only one of the 5 Great Lakes located entirely within the U.S.
It's the third largest of the Great Lakes (by surface area) being 307 miles long and 118 miles wide & is the sixth largest fresh water lake in the world.
The Lake was formed during the last ice age, 14,000 years ago, as glaciers advanced and then retreated.
The earliest inhabitants along it's shores were the Hopewell Indians, whose culture declined around 800 AD.
The word "Michigan" comes from the Ojibwa word "mishigami", which means "great water".
Lake Michigan has never completely frozen over during the winter. There was a time, in the 1960's, when it was initially thought that it had, but airplanes flying over the Lake verified that there was open water toward the middle. 
And now you're all Lake Michigan experts! :))))

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