By dogwithnobrain

I'm standing in the dark

Despite the warmth which is still in the air, its still gray. 

Not constantly gray, but when it is, it's oppressive. 

I'm sleeping with the windows wide. 

I'm not complaining, well actually I am.   I still have a bloody sore back.  

Today, it was fine, I woke up and it was grand.  I even took a walk up the banking first thing....  lasted all day at work, and then bent sideyways to pick crap up off the floor and pop it went again. 

So I got home, and I had to take painkillers, and then I had to kick him off the couch so that I could rest; I slept for an hour - then I got up and offered to make himself a cup of coffee.... and then changed my mind.  I've decided to sit still and not do anything.  

I'm hoping that sleeping deeply tonight, and not bending over tomorrow will make it better. 

I did actually walk round the office block four times today, and round the estate (1 mile) once.  So I wasn't completely sat still. I am trying.

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