By dogwithnobrain

When All I wanna be is completely in command

This is 1830 on a tuesday in August. 

Where is the Sun?   Seriously?   It should be beautiful, and sunny and warm, and light nights, 

I've managed to walk my 7000 steps today, before 1900. - I also managed to get out of my bed this morning, with no pain; ;get right through the day; and then I leaned under my desk and ping. Out it went again. 

I got home, and himself and I headed to the allotment, to water, yeah, can you believe it???   the polytunnel stuff needed to be watered but everything else is drowning....   but in a good way.  Plants thrive with water.  

I contemplated this. One day- vegetables are made up of 90% water, so it figures If I feed them lots of water, Ill make loads of veggies. 

You can see my sweet corn tassels  they are totally getting there now. 

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